Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 4th July 2016 Written Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 4th July 2016 Written Update by MA

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 4th July 2016 Written Episode

Protima brainwashes Ketki to get inebriated to sing item number. She gets inebriated and sings well. Producer is surprised to see her singing so well. She then starts drooling after singing. Producer asks if she is drunk. Protima says he got his song, that is what matters. Producer says he will get black coffee for Ketki to lessen her inebriation. Protima says no need and thinks she wants a drama at Ketki’s house. She drops Ketki home.

Kalyani goes to Karan’s house and meets him. He is seen angrily punching a punching bag and asks why did she come. She asks why did not he go to office since 2 days. He says he did not mean to hurt her. She any trust is most important in any relationship and asks him to attend office first. He asks if she forgave him. She
smiles. He gets very happy. She says she will call him Karan, KVK looks like some company name. He laughs.

Ketki reaches home inebriated. Devika gets angry seeing her inebriated and scolds her. Ketki says it was needed for her song. Devika asks if she sings a murder song, will she kill someone and asks when Kalyani does not need to do all this to sing, then why she is. Ketki yells Kalyani the great is perfect. She tries to snatch baby, but Aaji shouts to stay away from child. Kalyani tries to control her, but she gets out of control, so Kalyani gives her a tight slap. Ketki walks to her room limping.

Next day, Kalyani and Karan attend national award function and then travel in car. Karan asks what did president tell her. She says he told he listens to her songs often. He says he did not tell him anything though. He gives her rose and says he wants to celebrate their success at his home and invites her. She happily accepts.

Megha takes care of Ketki’s child while Aaji goes to bathroom. Meenakshi comes and sends Megha out and takes care of baby. Aaji comes back and reminisces pleading Meenakshi to give some money for Kanishk’s treatment and Meenakshi pushing her out. She shouts she killed her son and Kanishk and now wants to kill her kanha. She takes baby with her and pushes Meenakshi out. Megha and maid try to stop aai, but she pushes even them out and plays with baby.

Ketki goes to studio next morning morning and sings, but music director scolds her that she is not giving 100%. She takes alcohol bottle from Protima and gulps whole bottle.

Precap: Karan says their family respects family a lot. Kalyani says it is good. Karan asks will she marry him. Protima brainwashes Ketki against Kalyani. Ketki goes and misbehaves with Devika and holds her hand. Kalyani says this is not the way to behave with aayi. Ketki slaps her.

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