Sarojini 20th April 2016 Written Update

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Sarojini 20th April 2016 Written Update by Rimjhim

Sarojini 20th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
What rishab does shocks everyone, while sarojini and her family are too stunned to react. he then says that now she is his wife, and if they even dare to cast aspersions on the character of his wife, then he wouldnt spare or tolerate that, and would take legal actions against the said person. the people are aghast and speechless too, and then they start commenting, that first they enjoyed, and when questioned, they did this to silence everyone. he says that he doesnt need their permission to do what he did, and that he shall marry her legally too, but he doesnt need their compliance to that, and asks them to leave. the reporters have a mayday, and they start exaggerating the news to prepare a media byte. granny asks the reporters to get lost, as they wont let this drama be tolerated. she then shoves them all off. all are shocked. nirjhara is asked to take everyone inside, as its enough.

Inside, while all are seated tensedly, rishab enters, while sarojini sits dumbstruck. he asks her, and she gets up and slaps him tight across his face, while all are shocked. she asks how dare he, do this, as this was soumu’s right, and shall forever remain his, and asks how could he take this right. he is at a loss for an answer, while he tries to say his intentions werent wrong, and what hye did, was to save her and her family’s dignity. she says that he ruined them all, in the name of saving, as they would have died down after sometime, but what he did, she wont be able to tolerate ever. she breaks down into tears. the aunt is tensed. he again tries to say that his intentions werent wrong, and admits that he likes her, while all are aghast to hear this now. she asks if this is all a joke to him, and she never thought that he could misuse her friendship, but now that he has done this drama, she doesnt want his favour, nor is she least interested in marrying him, as she only loves soumu. he says that he respects that, and his feelings for her were pure and genuine, but he didnt want to tell this, but situations forced him to say this, as she is very nice, and he likes her, and he hasnt done any favour. he asks the family, that if they care even a little about sarojini, then they shall agree. granny reprimands him and asks how can he even think like that, as he has betrayed them, and she wont accept it at all, and then rubs off the vermillion from her forehead. indira comes and asks whats she doing. granny says that she shall remove this stain of insult. he begs her to stop. she asks how dare he do this, and gave betrayal in return for their goodwill. granny reprimands that rishab was totally out of line, by putting the vermillion on her forehead and now what shall they do. dadaji tells him that before doing this, he should have thought, as sarojini’s life and her selfrespect and their reputation is at stake. nirjhara says that he is so mature, then how could he do this, and if he felt for her, then he should have told, and they could have arrived at a mature decision. rishab tries to talk, but he is made to shut up, by others. all are tensed. he again vehemently protests that he did what he did to prevent sarojini, as the people wouldnt have spared her, and he saved them from getting insulted. granny says that this is not the way to handle things, and this isnt a marriage, but a sham. the aunt says that whatever it is, they shouldnt forget, the intention behind it was to save sarojini, and that they had already lost grip on the matter, but it hasnt died yet, and today he might have saved her, but what about tomorrow. nirjhara comments on the ill fate that sarojini had in the house, that she is dealing with such problem. the aunt says that now they have only two options, either get them married, or send sarojini out of this village. bhaskar likes the second idea, saying that multiple marriages wont look good. rishab asks how can they throw her out like this, from their house, the family and the village. rishab says that they need to make soemthing very clear, that if sarojini leaves the house, she shall leave as his wife. she is shocked as she looks at him. the aunt is perplexed too. he says that he shall legally marry her, and whatever drama happened outside, its not because of that, but he respects the vermillion, and the feelings he has for her, and understandsthe purity of friendship, and importance of relationship, and hence wants to give a name to the relation. granny says that sarojini is soumu’s widow, and shall always remain so, and she wont allow this evil in the house. dadaji asks her to stay calm, as screaming wont solve things. the aunt tells rishab that he cant be so snobbish like this, and asks him not to force his decisions. bhaskar says that they need to do something, to save face in front of the media and the women’s front, and the best way therefore, is the second option and that she should leave. the aunt smirks, thinking that this is what she wanted.

In her room, sarojini rushes and starts crying inconsolably. granny comes and tells her that she heerself is respnsible for this, as she shouldnt have been such friends, as this emboldened him to do this today, and asks what shall they do now. she asks sarojini not to talk to him, and she shall tell him to leave too. she walks out in rage. sarojini eyes soumu’s pic, and breaks down into tears, apologising to him, saying that she knows he must be very sd today, and that his own freienddid this today. she asks how could he even think that she can do this, and that she cant allow anyone to replace his place in her life, nor would she allow. she eyes the vermillion on the forehead and then wipes it off. she starts breaking things in rage and disgust, and finally collapses on the floor.

The aunt taunts rishab in the room, and says that she didnt make him feel worthy of a mother today, and went on and did this, without even bothering to ask her, and took a big decision to marry sarojini. she says that she has never seen this side of his, and he made her realise that she has no importance in his life. he says that he merely wanted to save sarojini. she asks what about his responsibility to the family. he says that he owes it to her, to keep her happy. she asks if she would be happy when she knows the truth. he says that wouldnt happen. she gets angry and says that she is leaving, as she knows she isnt needed here with him. he asks if he would ever let anything wrong happen to her or the family, as once he marries sarojini, he would take her away from the case. she fumes. he asks if she would agree, but if she doesnt, then he would go and tell everyone, the truth. she is aghast and pretends to emotionally blackmail him by saying that he broke her heart and trust. he says that he didnt mean that. she asks rishab that he considers her as a mother. she asks him to swear on her, and promise that he shall never tell sarojini the truth. he too complies. she caresses his face and is relieved. he feels guilty. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bhaskar agrees to rishab’s proposal, saying that he thinks its right that she marries rishab. Nirjhara says that she too doesnt have a problem if sarojini is happy. rishab stands tensedly. dadaji says that he shall talk to sarojini, and whatever she decides, shall be final. eyeing them from a distance, granny says that she too shall see how they all get sarojini convinced. she says that she wouldnt allow this marriage to happen at any cost.

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