Sarojini 23rd April 2016 Written Update

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Sarojini 23rd April 2016 Written Update by Rimjhim

Sarojini 23rd April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Dadaji and nirjhara get adamant that they too shall leave, if he leaves. sarojini is aghast and says that they cant do this, and she cant tolerate it anymore. she rushes inside. in her room, Sarojini finds cards being slipped inside, whereas actually, its sorry cards, that rishab is writing and sliding inside, while amused. she eyes it and then tears it to pieces and throws it out. he is tensed, but determined and now knocks and sends another one, with a message. she reads that it says, that she shouldnt misunderstand him as he didnt want to hurt her, a he respects her, and he only wants to see her happy. she is frustrated. seeing that the torn pieces arent coming outside, he is amused, and writes thank you that she didnt tear this one, atleast her anger died down a little. he slides inside. she reads it and gets tensed. she then turns to soumu, and eyes it helplessly. she leaves for the bed, and sleeps and switches off the light. he gets tensed.

The next morning, while sarojini serves food to everyone, they all sit tensedly. rishab too comes and joins them, and almost collides into her, who doesnt see him. he composes er, and she awkwardly jerks herself away, while he eyes them tensedly. nirjhara notices the anger thats there on her face. granny is tensed too. the entire family signals to one another, and hold out sorry placard. at the dining table, much to granny’s frustration and sarojini’s bogglement, they all carry SORRY placards and sing in to her, asking to be forgiven for what they did. she finally cheers up and is amused, at their childish innocence and says that she cant be mad at her family for long, and she forgives them all. then she turns to rishab and says that she cant forgive him though. he gets tensed. all others are nervous too. she leaves for the kitchen. bhaskar tells rishab that he shall have to work further to get her forgiveness. granny says that they may try anything, but till she is there, she wouldnt allow anything to happen.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira is disgusted and throws the maid out of the house, while she resists. as she throws her out, samar comes and asks how dare she raise questions, and reminds that she is merely the wife by name, and thats enough for her, and that being a wife, she should accept his decision and this is her religion. he tells that this room is only jumki’s. indira is determined that she has had enough, and that she shall bring him and his reality in front of everyone. she storms out. he caters to jhumki.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
As sarojini comes, and they comment as to how rishab’s idea was good, granny retaliates. rishab comes down, and offers his help for their work. sarojini says that they dont need any help. but nirjhara asks him to keep the pickles in bottles. she then sends sapna away to get clothes from the roof. she then also takes granny away from there, on some pretext or other, so that sarojini and rishab are alone. he continues on his style of apology yet again. frustrated she finds no option, but to forgive. he thanks her, and then unofficially, she should talk nicely to her husband. she aggressively states that she is soumu’s wife, and that the only reason he is here is out of humanity and their friendship, and asks him not to dare talk like this again. he says that there must be something in her heart. but just then, indira walks in crying and distraught. sarojini ruehs to her, and indira tells everything, as to how he also doesnt want this to be known outside. sarojini says that she shall have this girl thrown out. indira tells her not to as samar told her not to tell anyone. she is scared that se shall ruin the marriage, and she wants to go home. he asks if she really wants to go back, and if she really still loves him. she says that she is very hurt and upset, that she might never be able to recover. she says that everything is finished now. sarojini assures her, while he stands tensedly. she asks her not to cry as soumu wont like it, since he always wanted to see her happy. she asks her to be strong, as its time for the decision now, regarding this marriage, and whether she wishes to continue this marriage.

Meanwhile, inside, the family continues to plan ways to get sarojini to agree to the marriage. they start giving ideas, when granny coems and asks whats going on. dadaji taunts her that he wishes to get married, and all are amused. Just then, sarojini comes in with indira, saying that some people created a joke out of the marriage. they are apalled to see her crying like this and get tensed. she asks if anything happened. nirjhara rushes to indira. Sarojini tells everyone, while indira breaks down in nirjhara’s arms, that she has been betrayed by samar, who was infidel to her, and had an affair with another woman, ruining their marriage and he has kept this other woman at home, hence indira came here and now indira wants divorce from him. they are all aghast. granny asks if she even realises what this means, and this is indira’s decision and she supports her. granny asks what happened, that it came to this. indira says that she isnt anywhere respected now, and he treats her worse like animals, but she kept tolerating everything, and forgave him, but he betrayed her, which she couldnt bear. nirjhara is apalled. Indira points out the compromising situation that she found them in, and how she used to be insulted, which isnt possible for toleration. she says that he had threatened too, that if she tells anyone, he would throw her out. granny asks her to beware, as he slipped away, but the divocr has never happened and nor shall ever happen again too. indira breaks down saying that she has explained to him enough, but the matter is beyong salvation now. granny asks why wouldnt he agree if she explains it nicely enough. she blames her too for this, that she mustnt have satisfied him, hence he wandered off. they are apalled at her reaction to indira’s plight. sarojini is shocked. Nirjhara says that she too doesnt like divorce, but she knows indira must have tried her best. sarojini says that indira isnt wrong, and they all know how samar is, as he is like an animal. dadaji says that he shall call samar and warn him, and if he still does something like that, he wont be forgiven. granny says that they shall find a solution. she decides to talk. rishab intervenes and says that a marriage like this cant be salvaged, and that indira is a perso, and not cattle to be tied to someone, and being a pwerson, its her right, to decide who and how she wants to live, and if the husband is like samar, then she shouldnt be living with him, and they should all support her. they are all boggled. granny asks him to stop this nonsense, as he is influencig the bahus and beti of the house. they are all tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: samar confronts them all, while sarojini and indira eye him with rage. Sarojini asks indira to show today what a woman is capable of, when she gets to her guts. she says that whatever it was, she bore, and it might just be against her, but she needs to do it today and vent it all out. she gives indira a rod. indira bets him to pulp with the stick, while the others are aplled. Indira tells samar that she shall sent him the divorce papers tomorrow, and asks him to sign it and send them tomorrow. samar stands shocked and tensed.

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